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My publications


Below you will find a selection of major writing projects that I have been involved in. 

I have also enjoyed the opportunity to write for a number of publications and give presentations and workshops in the fields of pastoral care, marketing and communications, international education, expatriate and family life.


Edited with B. Bedrick, Effective Data Management for Schools (John Catt Educational Ltd, 2012)




Fragments (Createspace, 2010)




Edited with A. Hodgson, Effective Marketing, Communications and Development in International Schools (John Catt Educational Ltd, 2010) 



Divine Knowledge : A Kierkegaardian Perspective on Christian Education (Ashgate, 2001)




Edited with J. Swinton, Spiritual Dimensions of Pastoral Care: Practical Theology in a Multidisciplinary Context (JKP, 2001)




 with G. Lynch, Telling Tales: The Narrative Dimension of Pastoral Care and Counselling (Contact Pastoral Monograph, 1998)