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About me and this blog

If I have discovered one thing in my life, it is that authentic existence rarely fits into neat stories, where all loose ends are tied and mysteries are resolved.

When life comes into the world, it is like a piece of glass breaking into thousands of tiny shafts, each one reflecting something of their original form and containing some small remembrance of unified meaning.

The rest of our lives we spend trying to pieces the fragments together, literally making sense out of these seemingly disconnected and random moments.

And one of the ways we do this best is by telling stories.

I love telling stories.  I often tell peope that my current job as Director of External Relations at the International School of Brussels is about 'telling the story of my school and helping other people find their place in that story.

Hidden within this blog you will find all kinds of stories.  Some will be easily recognised as related to my professional life, touching on themes such as communications, branding, marketing and the emerging future of international education.  Others, though, will narrate life from a far more personal vantage point.

I encourage you simply to dig around, explore, take what's useful and join the conversation!


David Willows
Brussels, Belgium 


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